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Covid-19 Relief Referral Program

Since last year, the developing and rapidly changing dynamics of COVID-19 have put much stress on our fellow Canadians.  Increased costs of essential items such as telecommunications services have created a burden for everyone.  We would like to offer our customers the opportunity to save themselves and their loved one's money in these trying times.

Are you interested in getting FREE internet service for 6 months? 2 years of FREE service sound like a better deal? We have just the thing you need. Here's how to become eligible:

If you successfully refer 2 people, you will receive 6 months of free wireless service.

If you successfully refer 5 people, you will receive 2 years of free wireless service.

The offers above are only offered to wireless services. Effective May 19,2021.

Terms and conditions apply.

Are you a DSL or Cable customer looking to save yourself money? Here's how:

For every person you successfully refer, you will receive a $25 bill credit. 

Successfully refer 10 people and you will receive 1 year of free service.

Want more information, please call the office at 1-888-998-0769 or chat with us via live chat.

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