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Technical Support & Troubleshooting

Like a flat tire or when your waitress asks how your food is - everything always happens when you are least prepared! We want you to always have help when you need it.


Our technical support is excellent, but sometimes you just don't have time to call, or email! So here's a quick troubleshooting guide you can follow until you have a chance to chat with us.


If this fixes your problem, there is no need to contact us - but if you're still stuck we'd be more than happy to help via our Contact page or via phone at 1-613-332-0123 option 3.

ATA Set Up.png

A fairly common question we get is how to hook up your phone box (ATA) for phone services. This will help you plug in your equipment. The phone box needs 3 cords plugged in:

  • The power cable (the small black circular plug in)

  • A phone cord to connect to your homephone unit

  • An ethernet (typically yellow) cable to plug into your internet modem. 

Once all three are connected, and tightly attached you should be able to use the phone within about 5 minutes. 

General Troubleshooting Tips


Make sure your modem is powered on. Check the power plug in both the back of the
modem, as well as the outlet it is plugged into.


Check all the connections to your modem:

  • For Cable Internet make sure the cable is tightly screwed into place.

  • For DSL and FIBER services make sure the line into the labelled DSL/ADSL port on the modem is connected tightly.

  • For Wireless Internet check that the ethernet cable is plugged into port 1 tightly. 


Check the opposite end of the cable to make sure it is connected tightly.


  • For DSL and FIBER this is where the line connects to the wall.

  • For Wireless Internet this will be connected to the radio POE. (Description of a POE in Step 5)


Complete a power reboot: Remove the power plug from either the wall or the modem. Allow it to rest for a total of 30 sec - 1min and plug it back in. 


Allow the modem to power up and run it's system programs, this can take up to 5 min depending on the type of modem you have. 

Check to see if this resolved your issue. 

If you are a DSL, Cable Internet or Fiber Internet client, please contact technical support either via the contact tab, or via phone at 1-888-998-0769 to continue troubleshooting. If you're a wireless customer, please continue. 


Check the connection from your radio to the POE. 

The POE is the device installed between the outside dish, and your modem. It is usually found where the radio cable is installed into the house and looks like a small block with wires connected to it. 


There are two styles of POE devices used. The following descriptions are intended to be used to identify which type you have installed.


  • TYPE 1: This POE is plugged directly into the outlet. There are two ports on the device labeled POE and LAN, as well as a Power light. This light will be on if the device is functioning properly. If it is off. Call into tech support. 


  • TYPE 2: This POE is connected to the power outlet via a power cord. The unit also has a U symbol printed on the top of the device. Like type one it has a power light that will be on when the device is functioning.

For both types, unplug the power from the device, wait 30 seconds - 1 minute and plug it back in. Allow at least 5 minutes for it to reboot. 

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